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1. July 2014

Feels odd to actually be going on a proper date with someone. Meal and drinks. And I’m breaking out my comfort zone by dating a shorter guy! Being a 5’11 lass and trying to find taller blokes is next to impossible! Fuck societies judgement haha! 


For once in my life I am really happy with the way I look!

I wondered off tumblr for a while… When the fuck did this happen?! 655 notes! That’s bloody crazy!





my friend just sent this to me with no context

how the FUCK am i supposed to fall asleep knowing this man exists

Literally the most talented person I’ve ever seen on the internet.

I can’t stop laughing

RIP Rik Mayall. I wouldn’t have such a love for British comedies without having The Young Ones in my life at a young age! Such a loss to the world! :( #rikmayall #theyoungones #rip
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